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What is ISO 18587 Certification? 

ISO 18587:2017 certification sets rigorous guidelines for the post-editing of machine translation (MT). This certification ensures that translations produced by machines achieve the high quality expected from human translators. Its purpose is to provide a clear framework that helps bridge the gap between efficient machine translation and the nuanced understanding of a skilled human translator.

ISO 18587:2017 outlines two levels of post-editing: 

  • Full Post-Editing: For publishable content requiring the highest standards, a comprehensive review ensures accuracy, cultural appropriateness, and native-sounding fluency. 
  • Light Post-Editing: Ideal for content requiring comprehension over perfect style, this level focuses on correcting major errors while maintaining a clear and accurate translation. 


Benefits of Hiring Translation Services with ISO 18587 Certification 

By partnering with translation services certified under ISO 18587:2017, you gain access to a powerful combination of cutting-edge technology and human expertise. 

High-Quality Translations 

Guarantees that your translations are refined by experts, giving you high-quality results while saving you valuable time. 


Adheres to rigorous quality control procedures, giving you peace of mind and clear visibility into the translation process. 

Standardised Workflows 

Implements consistent procedures across projects, resulting in reliable and uniform quality. 


Combines machine efficiency with human expertise to deliver high-quality translations offering a cost-effective solution. 

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What to Look for in an ISO 18587:2017 Certified Provider 

Earning ISO 18587 certification is just the first step. Here’s what to look for in a translation service provider (TSP) to ensure exceptional MT post-editing: 

  • Expertise in Machine Translation:  Experience with various MT tools with a solid track record of effectively integrating MT and human post-editing for different content types is crucial. 
  • Qualified and Certified Post-Editors:  A team of qualified and certified post-editors with subject-matter expertise is essential for ensuring accuracy and fluency in your specific industry. 
  • Rigorous Quality Assurance:  Look for a provider with robust QA processes with multi-stage reviews to guarantee consistent quality. 
  • Proven Track Record:  Positive client testimonials and a history of successful MT post-editing projects demonstrate a provider’s ability to deliver exceptional results. 

How We Achieved ISO 18587 Certification 

Pre-audit assessment 

We began with a self-assessment, identifying areas for improvement to meet ISO 18587’s standards. 

Enhance Processes 

Based on the findings, we implemented changes to ensure our workflows align with ISO 18587. 

Formal audit 

ATC, an accredited body, conducted a formal audit to verify our compliance with ISO 18587 standards. 

Ongoing maintenance 

We continuously monitor and improve our processes to ensure adhere to ISO 18587 

Frequently Asked Questions

Machine translation has advanced significantly, but it often requires human intervention to ensure accuracy and cultural appropriateness. ISO 18587 certification ensures that translations are enhanced by expert post-editing, bridging the gap between machine efficiency and human quality. 

Full post-editing under ISO 18587 involves thorough revisions to make translations publish-ready, ensuring they meet the highest linguistic and stylistic standards. Light post-editing, on the other hand, focuses on achieving basic understandability and correctness, addressing only major errors and ensuring general comprehension without the detailed stylistic refinement. 

While ISO 18587 certification is crucial for ensuring high-quality machine translation post-editing, it should be considered alongside other factors such as the provider’s expertise in your specific field, technological capabilities, turnaround times, and overall project management proficiency to fully meet your translation needs. 

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