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Medical report translation is a crucial part of the healthcare industry. It allows for patients to be treated with confidence and care in their own language, which can lead to fewer mistakes and higher quality treatments. Such documents are crucial to the process of providing personalised care for patients. They provide information on infectious diseases and advanced patient assessment, which can help doctors make more informed decisions about the needed treatments or what precautions they need to take going forward. If you need medical reports translated, make sure the translations are NAATI-certified. This is because most Australian authorities will require and only accept translations done by NAATI-certified translators. If all that sounds confusing, no need to worry because here at Sylaba, we offer NAATI-certified translations by default. We can translate your medical reports and other high-risk documents in over 150+ languages to clients in Melbourne and all over Australia.

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What is NAATI and Why is it Important to Get NAATI-certified Translations?

NAATI stands for the National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters. It is an organisation that specialises in translator and interpreter accreditation in Australia. Before being accredited by NAATI, translators and interpreters must pass a rigorous set of examinations that the organisation has set out.

This is to ensure that they are not only qualified but reliable as well. NAATI-certified translations are always accurate and reliable as they meet NAATI’s stringent standards of translation quality. As such, translators certified by NAATI are the most trusted and well-respected translators in the industry.

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Doctor Report Translation For Travel

The world is becoming increasingly mobile. With more people travelling for both business and leisure, there is a growing need to communicate in different languages. One of the most common challenges faced by international travellers is language barriers. But what if you need medical treatment while travelling? How do you ensure that healthcare professionals can provide you with the best treatment, especially if they are not familiar with your language? If you are a traveller, it can be particularly difficult when dealing with medical matters, as it may prevent you from getting the treatment you require.

Not having your medical report translated can also hinder doctors from understanding your clinical history, therefore putting you at risk of an inaccurate diagnosis. Instead of dealing with this problem, have your documents translated before setting off on your trip. Our professional translators are experts in translating important medical documents such as medical reports and health records. We want to help make sure you get the treatment you deserve while away from home.

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Medical Report Translation for Visa Applications

When you are applying for a visa, one of the required documents is a medical report. If your medical report is in a different language from the official language of the country you plan on visiting or even moving to, you must get your documents translated asap. Visa authorities will often ask for official translations of important documents to help verify the authenticity of what is on file.

Without proper translations, authorities may reject your visa application, which would be pretty inconvenient if you were planning a trip abroad. What’s worse, it could even delay or cancel your plans altogether. You need to have your medical reports translated into the official language of that country, and NAATI-certified translations are the best way to go.

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We Can Help Translate Various Documents Including:

  1. Birth Certificates
  2. Marriage Certificates
  3. Diplomas
  4. Police Checks
  5. Reference Letters
  6. Driver’s Licenses
  7. Academic Transcripts
  8. Legal Documents
  9. Medical Documents


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