Certified Migration Translation Services in Melbourne, Australia

NAATI-certified translations of your birth/marriage certificate, police check or other personal documents from $69 in 2 business days.

certified migration translation services in australia

NAATI certification


150+ Translation



Quality guarantee





Culturally appropriate

Strict quality control procedures

We have a streamlined QA process supported by the latest industry research. With us, quality is guaranteed.

Formats accepted for official purposes

You can rest assured that your translations will be accepted by Australian and overseas authorities.

More than 150

Our QA process and project management expertise can be applied to any language in combination with the best translators in the field.

NAATI & foreign certifications available

Whether you need NAATI certification, attestation, or adherence to foreign standards, we’ll be able to help.

Quick turnaround

Speed and quality don’t always go hand in hand. Talk to us about the quickest turnaround option without compromising on quality.

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Reliable Migration Translators in Australia

We have been translating Australian and overseas migration documents since 2017. Our translators are NAATI certified, but we also work with overseas certifications if you are applying for a visa outside of Australia.

These documents cost $69 with standard delivery in 2 days:

We also offer same-day and 24-hour delivery for all our migration translation services. Ask our friendly staff if you need your translations quickly.

Our approach to translation project management

Pre-translation stage

Understanding objectives, designing a strategy, building a team

Research stage

Terminology management and allocation of resources

Translation stage

Translation and independent review

In-house QA and DTP stage

Final linguistic QA and graphic design work


Client delivery and ongoing customer support/feedback

Other documents that we translate
within our imigration translation services:

  • Lease agreements (ask about our extract translations!)
  • Academic transcripts
  • Referral letters
  • Work contracts
  • Bank statements
  • Employment records
  • Criminal records
  • Emails, chat messages and voice recordings.

For the documents listed above, we’ll need you to send us the document before we can provide a quote.


Our Extract Translation Templates

To translate for migration purposes, the format of the NAATI-certified translation doesn’t need to be identical to the foreign certificate.

We think it’s important to deliver the translations in a format that is easy for migration officers to read. So we use extract translation templates to make sure migration officers can quickly find the information they need. Without the bureocratic jargon of some foreign certiticates!

Do NAATI-certified translations need to have a stamp and signature of the translator?

It is compulsory that translations have the NAATI certification to be valid for migration purposes. Stamp and signature are not compulsory.

The image on the left is a sample of the extract birth certificate template where we translate for migration.

How We Translate for Migration Purposes

First, we need you to email us your document. We will then confirm the price and turnaround and provide all the necessary information to place the order.

Once the order is placed, we’ll deliver the NAATI-certified translation for your migration application.

dari to english translation

Certified Translation Services for Immigration in the Australian context

Every year, Australia welcomes thousands of migrants that come to study, work, or reunite with their families.

The Australian Government has a number of visa programs for people to apply for entry on a temporary or permanent basis.

If you need to translate your document for migration purposes, you need the translations to be NAATI certified if you are based in Australia.

Migration Translation Services for Overseas Visas

As a  top-notch Translation Services in Australia, we work with a network of overseas sworn translators that translate for migration purposes in many countries. Usually overseas visa applications are submitted via the countrie’s Australian consulate.

It’s important that you understand their translation requirements. Or you can send them to use and we’ll make sense of them on your behalf. And find a sworn translator who can meet those requirements comfortably.

Turnaround times for overseas migration translation services might be a little longer than when we deliver NAATI-certified translations. But we can still translate pretty quickly for overseas migration purposes.


Frequently Asked Questions

To translate for migration purposes in Australia, you need to be a professional translator with NAATI certification.

Only NAATI-certified translators can translate for migration in this country.

Our migration translation services start at $66 for personal documents such as birth/marriage certificates, police checks and degree certificates.

For overseas visas, we often translate short medical certificates, Australian AFP check certificates and sometimes even passports. Those are all $66.

The best translation service for migration documents provides accurate translations in a timely manner, at a reasonable price and with a smile and can-do attitude.

You guess right, we can do all those things. And more!

When it comes to migration translations, our price per 1,000 words starts at $230+GST. We do recommend that you send us the documents so we can send you an accurate quote, as this price is indicative only.
A professional translator working full time on your project can translate around 2,500 words in one day. This is if the topic is of general nature or the translator is highly specialised in the subject.

As our projects include a strict quality assurance process, we would usually need at least 3 days to complete 2,500 words. But again, talk to us if you have a document/project of such volume. We’ll do our best to meet your translation requirements!

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