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English to Karen Language Translation

As a NAATI-certified English to Karen language translator, our goal is to provide accurate and culturally appropriate translations that are easy to understand for the target audience. We take into consideration the cultural nuances, social customs, traditions, and beliefs of both languages, as well as any idiomatic expressions or slang used.

We use clear and concise language to convey the intended message without losing important details or context. Our Karen language translation service aims to bridge the language barrier between English and Karen speakers while respecting cultural differences.

Our approach to translation project management

Pre-translation stage

Understanding objectives, designing a strategy, building a team

Research stage

Terminology management and allocation of resources

Translation stage

Translation and independent review

In-house QA and DTP stage

Final linguistic QA and graphic design work


Client delivery and ongoing customer support/feedback

Government Translation Services

Our government translation services in Australia prioritise cultural appropriateness, accessibility, and effective delivery of information to culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) communities. We understand that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to communication with these communities, so we take a holistic approach to each project.

We tailor our translation strategy to meet the specific needs of each project, which may include plain language editing, cultural adaptation, or community checking as necessary. Our goal is to ensure that each community understands the language used, that the information is delivered effectively, and that the language used is respectful.


Community Translation Services

Our focus is on providing high-quality translation services for communities that are not only clear and culturally appropriate, but also respectful. To achieve this, we take the time to understand your project and develop a customised strategy that meets your needs.

We have built strong relationships with a broad network of language professionals, including Karen language translators, proofreaders, community checkers, copywriters, and interpreters. Our approach to translation goes beyond language and encompasses cultural adaptation, which is a critical element of our quality-driven process.

How much does our Karen Language Translator cost?

If you require a Karen language translator for your document, we can assist you with that. Our standard rate for short and personal documents, such as birth certificates, marriage certificates, divorce certificates, police checks, and driver’s licenses, is $69 with a turnaround time of 2 days.

However, for translations of other types such as those related to community, business, or corporate matters, we provide customised pricing based on the complexity and volume of the document. Contact us today and we will provide you with a quote.


The Karen Language

The Karen or Karenic languages are tonal languages spoken by about 4.5 million Karen people. They are not affiliated with any other language family within the Sino-Tibetan languages. The Karen languages have a subject-verb-object word order, which is uncommon among Sino-Tibetan languages and is likely due to influence from neighboring Mon and Tai languages.

The Karen script is used to write the Karen languages, which are divided into three main branches: Sgaw, Pwo, and Pa’O. Karenni and Kayan are also considered part of the Karen language family. While some linguists have suggested a Tibeto-Karen branch, this classification is no longer widely accepted. 

The Karen Community in Australia

The Karen people are an ethnic minority group from Myanmar who speak the Karen language. Many have resettled in Australia due to political unrest and persecution. Approximately 13,000 Karen speakers live in Australia, with the majority residing in Victoria.

Karen community organisations have been established to support their community and preserve their culture and language, while also advocating for their rights and needs. Karen language classes and Karen-language church services are available in some areas. The Karen people in Australia have successfully maintained their cultural identity while integrating into Australian society.


Why Choose our Karen Language Translator?

If you need high-quality Karen language translation services, you can trust that we will deliver. We have a team of experienced and professional Karen language translators who are familiar with the nuances of the language, and we have strict translation quality control in place to ensure accuracy. This means that you can be confident that your work will be translated to the highest standards.

In addition to providing straightforward translation services, we also offer valuable insights that can help improve your project. Our team is always available to answer any questions you may have before using our services. This sets us apart from other translation companies and makes us your go-to choice for all your Karen language needs.

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Jin Li
Great service! Sylaba really helped me out when I was in a hurry to get things done urgently. They provided a quick turnaround at good rates, and their communication was great. I’m thankful I found them!
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The team of Sylaba Translations is amazing! I needed the translation of my documents as soon as possible and Sonia did it in less than a day! I’m glad to have decided to pay for it to Sylaba Translations. I really recommend them and I don’t have any doubt to contact them again if I need them. Thank you so much for your kindness and help!

Frequently Asked Questions

A Karen language interpreter is someone who can translate between Karen and another language, typically English. The Karen people are an ethnic group from Myanmar, and their language is Tibeto-Burman with various dialects. These interpreters can help facilitate communication in settings like medical appointments, legal proceedings, business meetings, and social services, and they need to be familiar with both languages and cultural differences that could impact communication.

Karen is not a language spoken by a country, but rather a language is spoken by the Karen people who are an ethnic group mainly found in Myanmar (Burma) and Thailand. The Karen language is also known as Kayin or Kariang and is a member of the Sino-Tibetan language family. It is estimated that there are about 5-7 million Karen people worldwide, with the majority living in Myanmar.

NAATI is the national accreditation and standards body for translators and interpreters in Australia. NAATI accreditation recognises an individual’s competence to perform professional-level translation and interpreting tasks. A NAATI-accredited Karen language translator has passed the NAATI accreditation test for the Karen language and is recognised as competent in performing translation tasks between Karen and English at a professional level, ensuring accurate and high-quality translation services.

It is difficult to provide an exact number for how many people who speak the Karen language as there are several different Karen languages and dialects, and language use can also vary across different regions and generations. However, it is estimated that there are around 5-7 million Karen people worldwide, with the majority living in Myanmar. Many Karen people are bilingual and speak Burmese, Thai, or other languages depending on their country of residence.

It is advisable to engage the services of a proficient Karen language translator or a specialised translation agency to translate your English document to Karen. While online translation tools are available, it is not recommended to use them for crucial or official documents.

Karen language translation services in Australia are primarily used by the Karen community, which includes individuals, families, and organisations. These services may be utilised for translating official documents, medical forms, educational materials, or communication with government agencies and service providers. They may also be used for personal correspondence and cultural events. Furthermore, businesses or organisations may require a Karen language translator for communication with Karen-speaking clients, customers, or partners.

To obtain a NAATI-certified translation from Karen to English, you will need to locate a certified Karen language translator or translation company, submit the text to be translated, pay the necessary fees, and receive the completed document which will bear a certification stamp and signature from a NAATI-certified translator. It’s important to note that NAATI certification is widely recognised by government agencies in Australia as valid for official purposes.

The price for a Karen language translator may depend based on various factors such as the intricacy of the material, the turnaround time, and the translator’s proficiency level. Typically, translators for the Karen language will have different pricing models, which may include charging by word, page, or hour.

S’gaw Karen and Karen are two related but distinct languages spoken by the Karen people in Southeast Asia. A S’gaw Karen translator specializes in translating between S’gaw Karen and another language, while a Karen translator specializes in translating between any of the Karen languages and another language. The Karen language family is quite diverse, with many different dialects and sub-dialects, so it is also possible to find translators who specialize in specific Karen dialects, such as Pwo Karen, Pa’O Karen, or Bwe Karen.

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