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We offer NAATI accredited document translation services by expert translators. Personal and business documents translated with accuracy, confidentiality, and professionalism starting at $69 for certificates. Timely delivery guaranteed.


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Our approach to translation project management

Pre-translation stage

Understanding objectives, designing a strategy, building a team

Research stage

Terminology management and allocation of resources

Translation stage

Translation and independent review

In-house QA and DTP stage

Final linguistic QA and graphic design work


Client delivery and ongoing customer support/feedback

How Clients Saw the Need for Certified Document Translation

Clients saw the need for certified document translation due to increasing globalization, international business transactions, and migration. Inaccurate translations can lead to legal and financial consequences, which highlights the importance of using accredited translators.

Certified document translation ensures accuracy and authenticity of translated documents, which is crucial for official purposes such as legal proceedings, immigration, and academic qualifications. Professional translation services provide clients with peace of mind that their documents are accurately translated and legally recognised.


Accredited Translators Are Important for your Certified Document Translation

With certified document translation, you can trust that accredited translators have the knowledge and training to assist you with clear communication. They have worked hard to obtain certification that shows their ability to translate in a variety of settings. These translators know how to write a document translation that carries the intended meaning with clarity for your audience.

Certified document translation might seem like an unnecessary step in the commercial world, but the consequences of a poorly translated message can be disastrous. Trust a trusted agency and do it properly the first time to reap the benefits.

What Our Certified Document Translation Process Looks Like

Sonia is committed to raising the standard of the translation industry in Australia to match that of Europe, providing customers with a high-quality experience to better integrate into new cultures and communicate effectively. In addition to her passion for translation, she prioritizes making the translation process as seamless as possible for her clients, allowing them to focus on their core interactions. At Sylaba, we offer transparent and understandable processes for certified document translation.


We Can Help Translate Various Documents Including:

  1. Birth Certificates
  2. Marriage Certificates
  3. Diplomas
  4. Police Checks
  5. Reference Letters
  6. Driver’s Licenses
  7. Academic Transcripts
  8. Legal Documents
  9. Medical Documents

Are Certified Document Translations Worth It?

Accredited translators ensure that your message is accurately translated and delivered with clarity. Simply knowing a language is not always enough to develop a clear message. Lacking the vocabulary or knowledge of plain language can hurt your message. Accredited translators have the knowledge and training to assist you and write a document translation that carries the intended meaning with clarity for your audience. Trust a certified document translation agency to ensure your message is communicated effectively, as the benefits are worth it.


Contact Us Today for Document Translation in Australia

Sylaba’s translators are more than just intermediaries; they ensure that all parties involved understand each other throughout the translation process. As certified document translation experts, they have the expertise to make complex language more accessible for your customers. Sylaba’s dedication to integrating themselves into projects often opens up additional avenues that your business may not have considered. Contact Sylaba via email or phone to learn more about the services they offer.


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Frequently Asked Questions

It is important to note that different government departments have their own specific requirements for acceptable translations. It is best to contact the relevant department directly to obtain more information on their specific guidelines.

To be accepted by Australian Government departments such as the Department of Home Affairs or Immigration & Citizenship Office, all official documents issued overseas must be translated into English by a NAATI-certified translator. As each department has unique requirements, it is advisable to contact them directly to learn about acceptable translations and specific requirements.

We provide NAATI certification for single, multiple and long documents. Simply send us your documents for assessment and we’ll provide you with a quote from a NAATI-certified member of our team.

Yes, our quotes are free and obligation-free. Fill out our translation quote form on this page, and we’ll email you a firm quote in less than 15 minutes. You can easily order your translation online after receiving the quote.

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