Are you looking for a reputable Dari translation center? You came to the right place. Our team of NAATI approved Dari translators have different areas of expertise. This allows us to cater to most businesses or individuals who need Dari translations. We’ve worked on thousands of personal, corporate, and community projects over the years.

Get to Know the Dari Language

Etymology: Dari was named after the the Persian word “darbar” which means royal court. It was the language of the Central Asian and Moghul Indian courts.

Geographical Distribution: Dari is one of the two official languages of Afghanistan, alongside Pashto. Moreover, Iran, Pakistan, and Tajikistan are Dari-speaking countries. Dari is a variety of Persian. Dari speakers, also known as Afghans or Afghan Persians, are all over the world.

Native Speakers: Dari has a rich literary tradition. They are known for their hospitality and generosity. All over the world, there are more than 13 million Dari speakers. In Afghanistan alone, about 40-45% of the population considers Dari as their native language.

Most importantly, when it comes to translating from English into Dari, you need to keep in mind that Dari reads from right to left. This means that your translated document will have requirements that your translation company of choice needs to meet.

Requirements of English to Dari Translations

reputable dari translation center in australia

  • Right alignment: The alignment of the document should be to the right if the English document has right alignment.
  • Text direction: The text direction of the document translated into Dari must have the text direction set from right to left.
  • Design features: The alignment of all the design features (images, logos, letterheads or tables) should be to the opposite side of the English document.
  • Inclusive images: If you are translating content for the Australian Dari-speaking community, you will have to pay attention to the images you use. Are they inclusive of the community you are targetting? If not, why not?

Why Do You Need Dari Translation Services?

Translating your documents to Dari is important for a number of reasons. If you are doing business with Dari-speaking clients, you will need to ensure that your correspondence is accurately translated. Certified English to Dari translation is essential for businesses seeking to enter the Afghan market, as well as for relief organizations working in the country. Whether you’re looking to do business in Afghanistan or simply want to learn more about this fascinating language, we can help you bridge the cultural divide.

Similarly, if you are travelling to a Dari-speaking country, your visa and immigration documents, such as your birth certificate and ID, should be translated accordingly. A reputable Dari translation center will not only deliver certified translations, but also ensure that the format is acceptable to the appropriate government agencies.

Lastly, certified translations are also necessary for legal proceedings and academic research. Translating your documents to Dari will open doors for you or your business.

Working with a Dari Translation Center

reputable dari translation center in australia

Let’s work on your Dari translations!

Before giving the go signal, you have to understand that translating into Dari is not as easy as you might think. For one, Dari is written and read from right-to-left. Handling Dari document translations can be tricky especially for beginners. It can even get more complicated when the software you’re using is not compatible with right-to-left scripts.

To experience a hassle-free translation process, finding a reliable and reputable Dari translation center is the key. Our team at Sylaba will walk you through the complicated elements of Dari translations.

Contact a Dari Translation Center Today

As Australia’s leading Dari translation center, we offer English to Dari translation services for a wide range of documents, including:

Police checks
• Certificates (Birth, Marriage, and Death)
• Driver’s licences
• Academic transcripts
• Wills, power of attorneys and other legal documents
• Business documents such as translation of patents and employment contracts
Marketing material, including website translations

Indeed, when you choose to work with Sylaba’s NAATI approved translators, you can be confident that you’re getting the best possible certified English to Dari translation service. For every project, we offer:

• NAATI certified translations
• 100% quality guarantee
• Delivery of translated personal documents within 2 business days
• Publication-ready PDF translations for corporate and community translations

Contact us today.

Personal Document Translation

2 Days Turnaround Time for $69

– Birth Certificate
– Marriage Certificate
– Driver’s Licence
– Police Check
– National ID Card
– Passport
– Degree Certificate

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