English to Serbian Translation Services – What you Need to Know

We have written this piece for organisation looking for English to Serbian translation services. If you are an individual looking for information about how to get a birth certificate translation from English to Serbian (or a Serbian to English translator) read through the blog.

Being a Serbian to English translator seems simple – convert one English word into the same word in Serbian. Ah, but if only it truly was that simple! Languages each come with different nuances, characteristics, grammar sets – which is why learning another language, even one with similarities to our native tongue can prove so challenging.

To see translation as converting one word into the same word in another language is likening translation to conversion of one currency into another. However, NAATI translation is much more complex, but many people do not know the reasons why.

Why translating from English to Serbian is really not that easy

1. It’s about meaning, not words

Words have different meanings in different languages. Something inoffensive in one language may prove offensive in another or not quite make sense grammatically when translated. That is why when a Serbian translator is tasked with translating a piece of text or copy, they need to translate the meaning rather than just the words – or the message may completely fail to correctly land as intended. A simple mistranslation can significantly change the meaning of a message.

If text contains colloquialisms, the work for a translator is even greater as they must ensure the essence of the message lands. For that reason, many translators will no longer quote “per word”, but rather review the piece and its translation needs and then provide a bespoke quote – as the time it takes to translate the piece will depend on how difficult it will be to translate the meaning, rather than the number of words.

2. Serbian translators require subject expertise

Even when tasking a writer to create content in their native, spoken language, a business will typically require that they have knowledge of the subject matter so that the piece can convey depth and substance, be written in the preferred style i.e. technical, professional, formal etc. of the intended audience.

Likewise, for the translator of a piece, they too should have subject matter expertise about the area the content is written about. Having direct knowledge of the technical, scientific, legal or system’s jargon and in-depth nature in which those areas are discussed will ensure they can be better placed to ensure effective translations.

At the very least they will always need a base knowledge of the subject matter and excellent research skills to get up to speed on the topic area and ensure they can effectively translate the meaning of any subject-specific text.

english to serbian translation

3. Even pictures require effective “translation”

“A picture says a thousand words” – and it still does in another language, except you need to be sure it says the words you intend! Translations go beyond just text. Even imagery and graphics in your content need to be translated for your target geographic audience. Different behaviours, beliefs and cultures can mean a picture conveys one message in your domestic market but convey a vastly different message in a foreign market!

A good Serbian translator who is deeply familiar with your intended market will be able to advise on how well an image “translates” to that audience and advise on any changes that may be needed. Likewise, any graphics or infographics should be reviewed to ensure they depict the same intended message to foreign markets.

So many of the major translation mishaps have resulted from imagery not being considered in translations – and such mistakes have come from big brands who really should know better too! The list of image translation mishaps over the years are endless and have cost big bucks for the brands who incurred those mishaps.

Translation – it’s about all meaning

The biggest takeaway today – translation is all about meaning. If the text and images you use in your content do not convey the right meaning to your intended audience, the time spent “translating” will have been wasted. Professional translators therefore serve not to say what you want to say in another language, but to help say what you mean in that language.

At Sylaba we deliver NAATI certified translation services from English into Serbian, and Serbian into English. We also provide translation services in more than 120 languages. Spanish, Hindi, Arabic, Thai and Greek are some of the top languages that we translate.

Do you want to learn more about what goes into a successful translation project? Perhaps you are considering having a Spanish-speaking friend of a friend do the translations for you. Check out our blog to learn more about translation!

You can also learn more about how right-to-left scripts work in languages like Arabic, Farsi or Dari.

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