In our increasingly interconnected global landscape, breaking down language barriers is essential for businesses to thrive. Hiring a translation company is not just an option but a strategic imperative. Discover how harnessing translation services in Australia can unlock new markets, engage diverse audiences, and ensure your message resonates across cultures.

Digital transformation and the ease of travel and exporting globally have created a plethora of new opportunities for SMEs in international markets. With reduced costs and barriers, trading in foreign markets has become more accessible across industries. Nonetheless, in order to effectively communicate and compete in these markets, translation company must embrace a global language approach.

After all, out of 195 countries worldwide, only about 50 countries have English as a “first language”. Therefore, to achieve the most effective cut-through in winning new business and ensuring optimum customer experience, adopting the native language of target markets across all sales and marketing collateral can prove critical.

This means going beyond Google Translate and online translation tools though; you must aim to “communicate” in a different language rather than simply “translate” and that’s where a translation company comes in. With the right translation company partner, developing sales and marketing materials into the native language of target countries isn’t quite the mammoth task you might expect – the key is simply to find that “right” company partner, as poor translation can hurt rather than accelerate your position and reputation in global markets.

To help you with your search, we’ve broken down the top considerations you need to factor in:

Proven expertise in the languages you require

Your company partner should be able to demonstrate proven expertise and have native language speakers in their team who are fluent in your required languages. You should only have to work with one company partner for all language requirements, so your chosen partner needs to be able to expertly deliver translations for all existing and future target markets.

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Experience in translating content for your industry

A translation company with past experience in translating materials for similar companies in your sector, be it, financial services, beauty, education, tech or industrial, will be best placed to deliver quality translations. They will have the industry knowledge to best interpret technical information or sector specific terms.

Use of proven and innovative technologies

Quality translation agencies will not only operate a network of translators but ensure verification and delivery of quality translations through the use of computer-assisted translation tools. Such tools will also ensure the most efficient and intelligent translations and identify previously translated content to ensure you only have to pay to have new pieces of content translated.

Seamless, efficient processes

Handing over materials for translation and receiving the final translated piece should be a simple and seamless process. A reputable company partner should be able to provide an online upload system so you can upload and review documents in multiple formats with ease as well as monitor the status of each item submitted. The last thing you want is documents flying over and back for review on e-mail!

Level of service

A good translation company will supply you with a key point of contact like an account manager who will make it their duty to deliver maximum quality of service. You should have the ability to call and e-mail a key point of contact at a minimum regarding your projects. It’s always worth enquiring whether the company can facilitate face-to-face meetings at regular intervals too to ensure a proper partnership.


As translation projects can vary significantly in scope and detail, a translation company should quote only on review of each asset or collection of assets. Be wary of agencies quoting off the bat based on a price-per-word basis without ever reviewing your content and assessing your requirements in advance as this can often be indicative of the quality of service delivered.

Pricing transparency is also a key factor to consider and question as added costs such as proofreading, project management and premiums for short turnarounds may not be included in your initial quote.

With the right translation company partner, your business to go global and penetrate new markets can become a successful reality. Like with choosing a vendor for any support services or solutions, the key to success is to carefully evaluate your options. Taking heed of the top tips provided in this guide will help you on your way to achieving just that!



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