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We provide NAATI-certified Maltese to English translation for personal documents such as birth/marriage certificates and police checks for as low as $69.


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Maltese to English Translation for Birth Certificate

If you require a translation of your birth certificate into English, send us the document to get a formal quote. Upon receiving your request, we will confirm the quote and tell you how to place an order. Once you have placed the order, we’ll deliver the translated birth certificate within 2 business days.

Talk to us if you need your translations urgently. We also offer same-day and next-day delivery options.

All our translators hold NAATI certification so your translations will be NAATI certified and accepted for official purposes in Australia.

Maltese to English Translation for Marriage Certificate

Our company provides certified translations of marriage certificates from Maltese to English that all Australian government departments accept. Our professional NAATI Maltese translators are skilled in working efficiently while maintaining high-quality translations within budget.

The official Maltese to English translations will be delivered electronically within 2 business days of order confirmation and include the Maltese to English translator’s NAATI stamp, certification details, and signature. If you require expedited delivery, we also offer urgent delivery options.


Maltese to English Translation of Police Checks

Our team of NAATI-certified translators can provide a translation of your overseas police check for official purposes, such as visa or passport applications, within 2 business days. To get started, simply send us a scanned copy or photo of your police check via email, and we will confirm the price and send you a payment link.

Once your order is confirmed, we will assign a suitable NAATI-certified Maltese to English translator to your project and deliver the final translation within 2 business days.

How much does Maltese to English Translation cost?

We are offering Maltese to English translations starting at $69 with a 2-day turnaround time. NAATI certification indicates that Maltese translators are qualified and skilled in providing high-quality translations from Maltese to English. 

  1. Birth Certificates
  2. Marriage Certificates
  3. Diplomas
  4. Police Checks
  5. Reference Letters
  6. Driver’s Licences
  7. Academic Transcripts
  8. Legal Documents
  9. Marketing Materials
  10. Medical Documents

The Maltese Language

Maltese is a Semitic language spoken in Malta, with a Latinised variety of spoken historical Arabic as its base, influenced by Romance languages like Italian and Sicilian. It has no diglossic relationship with Classical or Modern Standard Arabic and is therefore classified separately from the modern Arabic macrolanguage. The language comprises around one-third of the original Arabic base, with the remaining vocabulary derived from Italian, Sicilian, and English.

Maltese speakers can understand a third of Tunisian Arabic, while Tunisian speakers can understand about 40% of Maltese. Maltese is written exclusively in the Latin script and is the only standardised Semitic language to do so.

The Maltese Community in Australia

Maltese Australians are Australian citizens who are of Maltese descent or Malta-born people residing in Australia. The first Maltese to arrive in Australia were convicts in 1810, and the first group of 70 Maltese laborers arrived in 1883.

Maltese immigrants were subject to the White Australia policy, and in 1916, Prime Minister Billy Hughes refused entry to 214 Maltese agricultural laborers, leading to controversy. According to the 2021 Census, there were 198,989 people of Maltese descent in Australia, and 35,413 Malta-born people residing in the country.


Why choose our Maltese to English Translation?

We specialise in providing high-quality NAATI Maltese to English translations that are culturally sensitive and fit for purpose. With extensive experience across various subject areas, we assign a dedicated point of contact for each project to ensure consistency and minimise errors.

Our Maltese to English translation is reliable and efficient, with speedy turnaround times and a satisfaction guarantee. We maintain a transparent pricing policy to deliver quality Maltese to English translations at reasonable prices.


Dung Chau

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Quick and excellent service. And a fair fee as well. Totally recommending. 👌

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Great service, our documents were ready in nearly 3 working days. Really satisfied with the service. Clear communication,…

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Amazing service! Communication was clear and continuous, the turnaround time was incredible. Highly recommended for anyone…

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Frequently Asked Questions

To translate Maltese to English, one can use online translation tools like Google Translate or professional Maltese to English translation services. Language learning resources such as language learning apps, textbooks, and online courses, as well as bilingual dictionaries, can also be helpful. Language exchange programs can be a fun way to improve language skills and practice translation. To translate Maltese to English, it’s important to double-check machine Maltese to English translations for accuracy. 

“Maltese” can have different meanings depending on the context. It can refer to the people of Malta, the national language of Malta, a small breed of dog that originated in the Mediterranean region, a symbol associated with the Knights Hospitaller of St. John, and the cuisine of Malta, which blends Mediterranean and North African influences. 

Maltese is a Semitic language written in Latin script that has been influenced by Arabic, Italian, and Sicilian. It is most closely related to Arabic but has a unique character due to its borrowing of vocabulary and grammar from various languages.

Yes, we translate English to Maltese and other languages. Click here to learn more about the languages we translate.

People who speak or have business dealings with individuals or organizations based in Malta or who have a business that has relationships with Malta may be the most likely to use Maltese translation. Additionally, individuals or businesses involved in tourism, trade, or commerce with Malta or who wish to expand their market to Maltese-speaking regions may also require Maltese translation services. Furthermore, people who are conducting research or studying the language may also require Maltese translation.

Hiring a professional English to Maltese translator is important for accuracy, cultural understanding, saving time and money, consistency, and confidentiality. A professional translator has the necessary skills and expertise to accurately translate content, understand cultural nuances, work efficiently, maintain consistency, and ensure confidentiality. Ultimately, hiring a professional English to Maltese translator is essential to ensure accurate, culturally appropriate, and consistent translation of content.

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